We work with clients in a wide array of areas to help improve their business, with the focus always being on INCREASED PROFITS.


While we might help you work on increasing sales, or reducing costs, or improving efficiency, our express intent is always to increase profits, what else matters?


Without profit, in the long-term, you have no business.


Because of our background in accounting, management, sales & marketing, we help clients with a wide variety of areas, including:


    Dynamic Business Plans

    Financial Systems, Controls & Analysis

    New Product / Service Development

    More Effective Marketing & Advertising

    Increase Sales Effectiveness

    Human Resources

o       Guaranteed Executive Recruitment

o       Profile Assessments

o       Employee / Team / Associate Handbook

o       Benefits Review / Change

o       Incentive Systems

    Cost Savings

    Efficient & Effective Systems Design & Implementation

    Securing Debt or Equity Financing

    Managing Capital & Risk

    Exit Strategies

    Meeting Facilitation – neutral 3rd party for more productive strategic meetings

-           Board / Executive Retreats

-           Strategic Planning Sessions

-           Product Development Brainstorming



And, if we don’t have the time, or the expertise you need, we have a large network of experts in nearly every discipline that we can call on to provide the resources you need.


Don’t be afraid to ask, if we can’t help, we know someone that can,
or will find you someone who can.


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